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Accelerated business growth

Connect4B is a closed business social network, that enables qualified high net worth individual business leaders to connect worldwide and directly conduct business without intermediaries, based on smart contracts and blockchain technologies. For the first time advertisers will be able to access the wealthiest 1 percent of the global population, owning more than 50 percent of global assets, without media wastage.


To build this exclusive member base, membership acquisition methodologies have been further developed and validated over the past 30 years: high net worth individual business leaders are identified and invited to become Connect4B members, after they have taken part in economic research. Their membership profile is automatically setup based on data from our database.


Member profiles are based on business information reports. More than 500.000 interviews, in more than 53 markets, have been conducted over the past six years. The sheer number of successfully conducted interviews with this extremely difficult to reach audience, validates our member acquisition approach and the business model. The concept is unique. There are no competitors. 

Connect4B in numbers

We interpret and transform data into valuable tailor-made insights to enable more educated business decisions and accelerated growth

Connect4B is the only media which can reach HNWI without wastage

Connect4B = total digital expansion of Econcast



Stefan James Lang


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