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Social network barriers to entry have risen

While successful market entry still depends upon: (1) unique value proposition, (2) global reach and (3) ability to grow exponentially

Identification of HNWI business leaders

The World Wealth Report estimates the number of HNWI. Connect4B’s counts are based on actual counts of the universe of successful leaders worldwide. Each of these individuals can be invited to become a Connect4B member.

From HNWI research to P2P business network

Acquiring and engaging members can be segmented into 3 phases, resulting in global business social network. It will grow exponentially and enable direct P2P transactions without intermediaries

Global P2P business market

Acquiring and engaging members is a systematic process. C4B will provide tools to identify network contacts. To engage in deals, business data and blockchain based smart contracts will be available

Massive business data

Connect4B wealth scoring models are based on mining and analyzing more than 300 business, ownership, personal, financial and other variables