Executive summary

Connect4B is a closed business social network for the 19.9 million HNWI who  collectively own half of global assets. 85% of HNWI and UHNWI are business owners

Connect4B allows members to identify HNWI clients, customers, business partners,  suppliers and distributors worldwide, and instantly connect

Connect4B enables members to conduct peer-to-peer business in a secure environment, based on KYC processes, blockchain and smart contract technologies

And via Connect4B, for the first time, advertisers can access the wealthiest global  1% who own 50% of the global assets without media wastage

Membership is free. The network is financed by advertising, business data and  transaction-related revenues


The concept is unique. There are no competitors


Connect4B is an expansion of Econcast, the foremost exponent of HNWI marketing and research in  Europe. Econcast has a track record of success with many of Europe's largest financial companies and  comprehensive experience of managing all aspects of services marketing and sales strategy, both in  Europe and globally. To build the exclusive Connect4B member base, membership acquisition  methodologies have been developed and validated over the past 30 years, initially based on American  Express card acquisition techniques. Since 2013, Econcast has conducted more than 500,000  interviews with business leaders in more than 53 markets. The large number of successfully  conducted interviews with this extremely difficult to reach audience, validates our member  acquisition approach and the business model

Products and Services

Connecting HNWI business leaders with new clients, business partners, suppliers and distributors  worldwide via “push” communication techniques. Processes are designed to grow members’ businesses  in a safe environment via direct communication with other business leaders worldwide


Competitive Advantage

Proven ability to identify successful business leaders worldwide, acquisition techniques and a  sustainable research-related dialogue. KYC-compliant on-boarding enables safe peer-to-peer business  communication and FinTech transactions


Revenue Sources

High end advertising, wealth management, corporate banking, products & services directed at HNWI &  UHNWI, FinTech related products, market & economic research, sponsorship of economic research &  premium subscriptions


After 48 months, assuming an investment of 100€m, will result in over 13 million members worldwide  and revenue per month of 144€m. Alternative scenarios – based on an 10€m initial investment with no  additional funding - produce less members, but comparable ROI’s



Stefan James Lang


Genferstraße 34

8002 Zurich




+41 79 3737 919

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