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Valuation of Connect4b

After 48 months and US$ 100m investment, which is primarily used for member acquisition, Connect4B will provide solid ROI for investors

Member growth by scenario

50K interviews per month (Growth scnario; Value and Base less), of which 25% results in active members. Plus, each active member generates 1.2 mmbers per year - all assumptions conservative

Based on 4€ increases stepwise to 11€ revenue per active member per month. In comparison, Facebook generates US$ 2 per member – active or non active – per month


Profit after 48 months

Based on reasonable cost assumptions – by far the largest cost position is member acquisition

Scenarios Growth

If Connect4B will be able to achieve the hard cap of €118m the Grow Scenario can be implemented

Scenarios Value and Base

Value and Base scenario are based on lower levels of funding