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Sources of financing

Connect4B is will presume 4 forms of financing  

ICO: C4B Tokens massively discounted

During the ICO stages and for volume buyers C4B tokens are massively discounted


C4B Tokens purchased during the ICO are forecasted to increase in value massively

  • The basic sales price of 1 Connect4B advertising Token is set at 0.25 € during the ICO phases.

  • The advertising value of 1 Connect4B token is equivalent to 1.00 € advertising space purchased in FIAT on the Connect4B network.

  • As a result, the advertising value of 1 Connect4B token is four times higher than the equal            advertising space purchased in FIAT, not including discounts.

  • In addition, the fair market advertising value is 20 times higher than the initially charged 1 € FIAT.

  • Plus, each month the amount of advertising space allotted to C4B tokens increases by 1 percent.

  • The cost per impression is linked to the wealth of the individual Connect4B member the advertiser wants to target.

  • The ICO token price is forecasted to increase massively in the future.

Allocation of C4B Tokens

1 billion tokens will be created. The first graphic shows the planned distribution of funds by channel. The second graphic shows the usage of the revenues generated by the sale of the tokens

C4B Advertising Tokens

Price per Token

Value tokens

Percentage tokens for sale

Percentage Token not part of the ICO


Total value of tokens for sale in the ICO without discounts



Estimated number of tokens sold in Pre-ICO

Discount Pre-ICO

Total gross value of tokens in Pre-sale




Estimated number of tokens sold in ICO

Discount ICO

Total gross value of tokens in ICO



Total gross value from token for sale in ICO


Remaining Token value not for sale in the ICO

Estimated Revenue

0.25 €

250'000'000 €




137'500'000 €



47'300'000 €



70'537'500 €

117'837'500 €

112'500'000 €